Easyfone No.1 – The Swiss Army Knife of Cell Phones

Multi usefully outdoor features make your adventure easy and safe.
4800mAh real capacity battery with power-bank function, suitable charging for all kind of smartphone.
3 Mode Tactical Flashlight, Intelligent, High / Low / Strobe (for disorientating would be attackers) Light Modes Means You Will be Ready For Anything That Comes Your Way.

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Summary: The Easyfone NO. 1 is the most affordable, rugged, and feature rich  GSM phone we have ever tested and is worth every penny.

About the Easyfone NO. 1

Just when we thought GSM phones were dead we saw this bad boy. Not only can you purchase it brand new for under $45, but it looks good, is insanely rugged, has an amazing flashlight built in, and has a killer battery life with a built in power bank that allows you to charge other devices. We’re serious about that last part and it really does work. If you plan on wandering out into the wilderness, this rugged phone will have your back. Like all phones we review, it’s IP 68 and ready to take a beating.

Most notably the Easyfone is:

  • A GSM phone with a built in flashlight (like a real flashlight…not a camera flasher that stays on like other phones).
  • Shockproof;
  • Vibration proof;
  • Waterproof;
  • Dustproof; and
  • It can literally act as a charging device for other phones.

We really want to emphasize that last bullet. They aren’t joking around about it’s power bank. We’re still testing just how strong it is but we’ll have more on that soon enough. It’s also worth mentioning that it comes fully unlocked and works with most stateside GSM carriers including but not limited to T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. An just in case you need to ask – it works with the GSM frequencies 850,900,1800, and 1900.

The Easyfone NO. 1 is extremely rugged and useful boasting:

  • A simple, yet beautifully rugged design with multiple colors to choose from;
  • A front/ top flashlight with bold strength up to 50 meters;
  • A 4800mAh battery with a built in power-bank function that allows you to charge other devices with this device.
  • Dual SIM slots for more than one SIM card.

All while featuring:

  • Expandable Micro SD (TF Support) up to 8gb;
  • A rear camera;
  • Earphone support;
  • Bluetooth 2.0 support;
  • Lock screen support;
  • Standard media support (contacts, ebooks, mp3, mp4, etc.);
  • A mountaineering recorder;
  • An FM radio;
  • Standard apps including Contacts, Messages, Calendar, Gallery, and more;
  • Stereo speakers (Monomercomplex membrane horn);
  • A power bank; and
  • Language support for English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian,Turkish.

With so many features, it’s worth watching the overview:

Some other lesser important things we found interesting:

  • The flashlight has been listed as a tactical flashlight with three modes: high, low, and strobe; and
  • It doesn’t have WIFI support.

Our Experience with the Easyfone NO. 1

We first ordered ourselves the Easyfone NO. 1 several months ago and immediately fell in love. We’ve simply never seen such a cheap swiss army knife-like phone. In all seriousness, just the power-bank feature alone makes it worth purchasing. Add in the Dual SIM capabilities you are already looking at a crazy value. The flashlight was just icing on the cake.

We simply slapped in a few cheap SIM cards including T-Mobile and Cellular and started taking it on the go. Both worked just fine and the reception was great. We had no issues with either. The came the fun part. On July 18th, we really got to test IP 68 claim of the phone. We played catch with it at the beach purposefully throwing it into the sand and at several point, into the water. It handled that like a champ. We then kicked it for almost a mile back and forth while walking along the Mercer Island trail, and lastly we threw it up into a couple of trees and let it hit as many branches as possible coming back down.

All in all, it came out rather unscathed. We’re still testing it out, but we’ll be posting a video soon enough.

Our Criticisms of the Easyfone NO. 1

The lack of WIFI support is saddening, but with the vast amount of features for the price – forgivable.

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